About The Program

A series of step by step video and information tutorials

The 7steps2success program shows you how to get the greatest benefits from housing investment with easy to follow videos, on line activities, quizzes, forums videos, presentations and templates. You'll understand how the housing market works, see how to find areas with the best growth potential, discover where and when to buy, learn how to narrow down your search, decide what to buy, determine how much to pay and know when to sell.

Twelve months online, self-directed with access when you need it, where you want it, with all of John Lindeman’s forty years of personal success secrets explained as he reveals his personal predictive strategies not revealed ANYWHERE else in Australia.

Annual renewals at a discounted price.

One-year enrolment is only $1,896 and includes:

  • Full access to all the on-line material
  • Free predictive reports!
  • Free webinars!
  • Personal email access to John Lindeman!
  • Partner joins for free!


You can enrol here.


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