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      05 Jul 2017

      The secret language of real estate agents

      Real estate agents perform a valuable job for both buyers and sellers, but as it’s their aim to find the most buyers for properties they have listed, their descriptions can often be a little on the optimistic side. Here’s my guide to how agents may answer your questions, and the real meaning that could lie hidden behind their words.

      What size is the property?

      It’s cute = cramped 

      It’s cosy = tiny

      What condition is it in?

      The house is filled with character features = it’s dilapidated

      This is a handyman special = get ready to spend some time, money and patience

      The place is spotless = no one has lived there for years

      It’s a retro special = it hasn’t been touched in a generation

      There’s scope for improvement = it needs major work

      This property is a blank canvas = it’s derelict

      How about its appearance?

      It’s unique
      = very strange 

      It’s quirky = shocking

      Where is it located?

      It’s in a purpose-built area = it’s part of a large housing estate

      This will suit a first-time buyer = it’s in a terrible location

      There are excellent transport links = it’s next to a busy freeway

      It’s located in an idyllic setting = there’s no shops, schools, or neighbours for miles

      What about the price?

      The sellers are motivated = it’s about to be repossessed

      The property has become unexpectedly re-available = the previous buyer pulled out

      The asking price has been reduced = the owner is desperate

      Owner says sell = the owner is really desperate