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      28 Apr 2018

      A fish rots from the head down


      After years of pressure from various consumer groups and political parties, the Federal Government reluctantly relented and we finally have a Royal Commission into the financial sector. With  ...

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      18 Apr 2018

      The product pushers


      The current sessions of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry are likely to uncover what most property investors have long suspected – ...

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      14 Apr 2018

      Why negative gearing is necessary


      Negative gearing enables investors to claim the holding costs of their investments against their income and so it keeps rents lower than they otherwise would be. It is a de-facto subsidy for rente ...

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      27 Mar 2018

      How the Commonwealth Games will affect the Gold Coast housing market


      We can expect a great deal of hype about the effect of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast housing market, but to understand the longer lasting effects that such international events ...

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      22 Mar 2018

      The truth about good yield and bad yield


      As the property price tide in Sydney and Melbourne starts to recede and with no real prospect of imminent growth in most of our other major housing markets, it’s little wonder that the focus of in ...

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      11 Mar 2018

      Sydney and Melbourne’s next booms will be cashflow booms


      Many experts and analysts are worried about the apparent oversupply of units in Sydney and Melbourne, but John Lindeman predicts that we are actually heading for an acute shortage of unit rental s ...

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      20 Feb 2018

      The Cryptocurrency craze


      As the popularity of Cryptocurrencies booms, new waves of experts are offering us their recently discovered expertise to educate us from being Crypto-confused to Crypto-savvy. They claim that  ...

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      31 Jan 2018

      Why renters move markets


      Why do so many housing market predictions turn out to be completely incorrect? Most fail because they measure supply as the number of properties for sale and demand as the number of buyers for the ...

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      06 Nov 2017

      The housing market cup


      It’s Melbourne Cup time, but there’s a race of greater significance to property investors that’s already underway – it’s this year’s Housing Market Cup. Here’s John Lindeman’s call of t ...

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      16 Sep 2017

      Knowing the right time to sell


      For many of us, there’s a general reluctance to sell which can end up with us finding out to our cost that the best time to sell was well before we finally decided to. So, what do we ...

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