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      07 Jun 2017

      Property Investment Education

      Property seems to offer an unrivalled path to success and wealth for investors. There are strategies to suit almost anyone, including positive cash flow, land banking, capital growth, buy and hold, quick flip, cosmetic or structural renovation, options or development. Generous tax incentives such as negative gearing and leveraging encourage almost anyone to enter the property investment market with the prospect of making a fortune. 

      Unfortunately, this is also an unregulated market which enables anyone to hold themselves out as an expert or educator. Even worse, it allows “wolves in sheep’s clothing” such as some project marketers, sellers’ agents and the like to pretend to be on the side of the investors while obtaining kickbacks, commissions, knock-ons, finders’ fees and other payments from developers for pushing their products onto unsuspecting investors.

      Some of these operators even offer free property education programs, wealth creation courses or investor workshops. Of course, these are not free at all, because the ultimate goal is to sell the unsuspecting student a property from which the so-called educator obtains a profit. In other words, the services provided are in the interests of the provider, not the student.

      This is why we provide an independent, informative and affordable on-line self-directed property education course called 7steps2success to meet the strategic and revenue expectations of investors. 7steps2success contains videos, presentations, templates, checklists and self-assessment tools covering the seven steps of successful property investment:

      • Understand how the market works
      • Find areas with the best growth potential
      • Discover where and when to buy
      • Learn how to narrow down your search
      • Decide what to buy
      • Determine how much to pay
      • Know the best time to sell

      Our educators

      John Lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia's leading property market analysts. John’s monthly column on housing market research featured in Australian Property Investor magazine for over five years and he is now a contributor to Your Investment Property magazine. He is also a regular contributor to property investment e-newsletters and programs and authored the landmark best-selling books for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market (2011) and Unlocking the Property Market (2015) published by Wrightbooks.

      Carolyn Tibbett has over 30 years successful property investment experience and is a qualified educator. She has spent many years analysing the leading indicators and key demand dynamics of every type of housing market. 7steps2success distills Carolyn’s years of adult education experience and expertise into a unique tool specifically designed for the benefit of housing market investors.