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16 Aug 2017

The caterpillar and the butterfly


One of my children’s favourite stories was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. No matter how many times they heard the ending; there were always gasps of amazement when the caterpillar changed into a bea ...

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02 Aug 2017

White wallabies


Seemingly obvious disadvantages can sometimes turn out to be of immense benefit. John Lindeman reveals where to find such property investment opportunities, which he calls the “white wa ...

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26 Jul 2017

Seasonality – fact or fiction?


Every investor wants to maximise their profits by buying when the market is over stocked with vendors willing to compromise on price; then selling when buyers are competing with each o ...

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16 Jul 2017

Some investment advice can be dangerous


Some of the most dangerous advice you are every likely to receive about property investment comes from people who have their own interests in mind, not yours. They will invite you to a free  ...

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05 Jul 2017

The secret language of real estate agents


Real estate agents perform a valuable job for both buyers and sellers, but as it’s their aim to find the most buyers for properties they have listed, their descriptions can often be a little on th ...

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29 Jun 2017

Flat earthers


Before the modern era began, many people thought the earth was flat because that was how it appeared to them. They even believed that if you walked to the edge of the world you wo ...

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25 Jun 2017

Which market - which strategy?


Did you know that there are many different property investment strategies, with each strategy best suited to a particular type of market? The property education industry is largely unregul ...

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22 Jun 2017

When it's right to buy with your heart


Sometimes it's better to buy with your heart than with your head.  ...

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16 Jun 2017

The 18 Year Real Estate Clock Myth


There’s been a lot of chat lately about the eighteen-year real estate clock. So much so, that it appears to be turning into an accepted truth about housing market performance. But is ...

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16 Jun 2017

The ​Housing Affordability 3 Card Trick


Recently announced Federal and State Government schemes and incentives appear to be focussed on making housing more affordable for first home buyers, but they’re just playing the old three card tr ...

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