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      03 May 2018

      How do we measure success?


      I recently received my Superannuation Statement, showing me that the balance of my superannuation account had only grown by 1% in the last year. When I then read that my super fund had awarded generous performance bonuses to key staff, I was furious. How could this be possible, when the company’s performance was so pathetic?


      On making some inquiries, I was informed that the fund measured its success by the numbers of new members it obtained and awarded performance bonuses based on this measure. In other words, the company’s success had nothing to do with the success of its members.


      This sobering revelation reminded me that we measure success in different ways. Some property investors may view success as owning ten properties in ten years, or having a cash flow positive portfolio, while others might measure their performance in terms of gaining a better than expected return of their investment.


      Property information and education providers also use different standards to measure success. It could be by the number of years they have been in business, or the number of investors they have educated, or by slick on-line marketing and media campaigns using dodgy claims and made up testimonials.


      At 7steps2success we measure our success by your success – that is, by the results investors have obtained by using our proven property market investment education programs and methods. You can find out more by attending one of our upcoming free events in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle. Click here for more information.