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19 May 2018

Profit at any price


As if the recent shocking revelations about banking misconduct that have been uncovered at the Royal commission are not enough, we now hear that unsuspecting children are caught up in the latest b ...

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10 May 2018

Can pets inherit property?


People have enjoyed the companionship of animals for thousands of years, but can we protect their futures by leaving them property in our wills? Around two thirds of Australian homes have a pe ...

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08 May 2018

What makes housing markets boom?


Some experts tell us that property price booms are driven by low unemployment, high population increases and economic growth. They assure us that these conditions create buyer confidence which lea ...

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03 May 2018

How do we measure success?


I recently received my Superannuation Statement, showing me that the balance of my superannuation account had only grown by 1% in the last year. When I then read that my super fund  ...

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28 Apr 2018

A fish rots from the head down


After years of pressure from various consumer groups and political parties, the Federal Government reluctantly relented and we finally have a Royal Commission into the financial sector. With  ...

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18 Apr 2018

The product pushers


The current sessions of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry are likely to uncover what most property investors have long suspected – ...

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14 Apr 2018

Why negative gearing is necessary


Negative gearing enables investors to claim the holding costs of their investments against their income and so it keeps rents lower than they otherwise would be. It is a de-facto subsidy for rente ...

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27 Mar 2018

How the Commonwealth Games will affect the Gold Coast housing market


We can expect a great deal of hype about the effect of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast housing market, but to understand the longer lasting effects that such international events ...

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22 Mar 2018

The truth about good yield and bad yield


As the property price tide in Sydney and Melbourne starts to recede and with no real prospect of imminent growth in most of our other major housing markets, it’s little wonder that the focus of in ...

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11 Mar 2018

Sydney and Melbourne’s next booms will be cashflow booms


Many experts and analysts are worried about the apparent oversupply of units in Sydney and Melbourne, but John Lindeman predicts that we are actually heading for an acute shortage of unit rental s ...

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