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22 Mar 2018

The truth about good yield and bad yield


As the property price tide in Sydney and Melbourne starts to recede and with no real prospect of imminent growth in most of our other major housing markets, it’s little wonder that the focus of in ...

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11 Mar 2018

Sydney and Melbourne’s next booms will be cashflow booms


Many experts and analysts are worried about the apparent oversupply of units in Sydney and Melbourne, but John Lindeman predicts that we are actually heading for an acute shortage of unit rental s ...

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20 Feb 2018

The Cryptocurrency craze


As the popularity of Cryptocurrencies booms, new waves of experts are offering us their recently discovered expertise to educate us from being Crypto-confused to Crypto-savvy. They claim that  ...

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31 Jan 2018

Why renters move markets


Why do so many housing market predictions turn out to be completely incorrect? Most fail because they measure supply as the number of properties for sale and demand as the number of buyers for the ...

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06 Nov 2017

The housing market cup


It’s Melbourne Cup time, but there’s a race of greater significance to property investors that’s already underway – it’s this year’s Housing Market Cup. Here’s John Lindeman’s call of t ...

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16 Sep 2017

Knowing the right time to sell


For many of us, there’s a general reluctance to sell which can end up with us finding out to our cost that the best time to sell was well before we finally decided to. So, what do we ...

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16 Aug 2017

The caterpillar and the butterfly


One of my children’s favourite stories was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. No matter how many times they heard the ending; there were always gasps of amazement when the caterpillar changed into a bea ...

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02 Aug 2017

White wallabies


Seemingly obvious disadvantages can sometimes turn out to be of immense benefit. John Lindeman reveals where to find such property investment opportunities, which he calls the “white wa ...

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26 Jul 2017

Seasonality – fact or fiction?


Every investor wants to maximise their profits by buying when the market is over stocked with vendors willing to compromise on price; then selling when buyers are competing with each o ...

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16 Jul 2017

Some investment advice can be dangerous


Some of the most dangerous advice you are every likely to receive about property investment comes from people who have their own interests in mind, not yours. They will invite you to a free  ...

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